Acasă Articole RTR „La vie est ailleurs”. Note despre jurnalul contemporan

„La vie est ailleurs”. Note despre jurnalul contemporan


„Life Is Elsewhere”. Notes On The Contemporary Diary”

The present article focuses on the particularities of the contemporary diary as a literary form, with a case study on Radu Vancu’s recent book The Sign of Cancer. Diary 2012-2015, in wich persists a certain impression of the desubstantialization of the real ego, somehow in contradiction with the stakes of an intimate diary, although the species as such is not longer exclusively assimilated to non-fiction, as demonstrated by the theoreticians of the genre. The author considers that, if poetry is a genre of the biography, the journal is a genre of the lyric – i.e. the intensification, in the etymological sense, of pulsations, emotions, feelings.

Keywords: Radu Vancu, contemporary diary, intimacy, non-fiction, autobiography.

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