Acasă Articole RTR Krista Szöcs, Realitatea ‒ personaj principal în poezia Marianei Marin (II)

Krista Szöcs, Realitatea ‒ personaj principal în poezia Marianei Marin (II)


Reality – Main Character in Mariana Marin’s Poetry (II)

The present study observes Mariana Marin’s poetry from the point of view of its relation with the reality and the real. Thus, it is clearly shown one of the high performances of Mariana Marin was to be able to write a poetry of direct reactivity to the reality in political times when any direct reference to the real was strictly forbidden and punished (namely, under the communist regime of the 1980s). Unlike most of her colleagues in the so-called “generation ‘80”, Mariana Marin refused to understand poetry as a textualist play with conventions, no matter how sophisticated and attractive; for her, poetry also comprised a strong ethical nature, it had to be reactive to reality, and not evasive in front of it. This explains why reality is, with a memorable phrase, indeed, the main character in Mariana Marin’s poetry.
Keywords: contemporary Romanian poetry, generation ‘80, Mariana Marin, textualism, relation with the reality, evasion, postmodernism

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