Acasă Articole RTR Jurnalismul informativ. Principii deontologice

Jurnalismul informativ. Principii deontologice


Informative journalism. Deontological principles

The practice of a responsible journalism includes three main areas: moral, legal and professional deontology. These areas overlap to some extent, interfere and validate each other. Professional deontology sets rules of conduct beyond the law. It submits journalism to public control. A professional journalist should pursue his or her duties within a range of strictly delimitated ethical values. Therefore, the journalist deontology may and actually must be regarded as a permanent negotiation between the needs and the rights of the public, on the one hand, and the traditional, yet reformable, set of journalistic rules and principles, on the other hand.
Keywords: deontology, profession, journalism, moral, law, ethical values


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