Acasă Articole RTR Jurnalism științific. Cum a schimbat pandemia de Covid 19 raportul dintre jurnalism...

Jurnalism științific. Cum a schimbat pandemia de Covid 19 raportul dintre jurnalism și știință?


Scientific Journalism: How has the Covid-19 Pandemic Changed the Relationship Between Journalism and Science?

Abstract: The pandemic crisis has made the relationship between journalism and science, particularly in the medical and public health spheres, more strained than ever. In an unexpected way, professional journalists have had to re-evaluate and filter information, data, opinions and consider the international scientific community and research findings. Studies show that health journalism becomes credible and responsible when it contextualises events and documents material based on experts, medical authorities, prestigious research institutions, studies validated by international evaluations, etc. The period of global health crisis has highlighted more than ever the role and responsibility of professional journalism, its reporting to relevant research sources and its inherent links to science. This theoretical article aims to highlight key concepts such as science journalism and to exemplify how they are reflected in Romanian health journalism practices.

Keywords: media,  science journalism, health communication, Covid-19, pandemic.

Citation suggestion: Sălcudean, Minodora. Jurnalism științific. Cum a schimbat pandemia de Covid 19 raportul dintre jurnalism și știință?.” Transilvania, no. 5 (2022): 12-20.


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