Acasă Articole RTR Jocurile poeziei

Jocurile poeziei


The Poetry Games

The present study focuses on the ludic hypostases in Tudor Arghezi’s poetry, also exploring some suggestions coming from John Huizinga, Leo Frobenius and Roger Caillois. The analysis concerns the few stages of Arghezi’s poetry: on the lower level are the poems in the sphere of the paideic, the pure play, without existential implications, from the cycle entitled “Hore”; then the erotic-bucolic game of “The Evening Book”, the nostalgia of the infinity concealed in the naive-childhood miniature game, to the highest level of the game: the thanathical game, surprised in that metaphorical “Hide’n Seek”.

Keywords: modern Romanian literature, Tudor Arghezi, Johan Huizinga, Leo Frobenius, ludic, paideia.