Acasă Articole RTR Jean Firică, Luptele atletice în lirica greacă

Jean Firică, Luptele atletice în lirica greacă


Fighting Athletes in Greek poetry

Pindar, one of the poets willing to areas of abstract thinking, reflected on religious issues, ethical and aesthetic. At the core concept of meditation and Pindar stood under. Pindar’s thought of the measure is sent to the athlete and the winner is based on wisdom traditions apollinice the vision of man and his condition. In his odes, Pindar is concerned with virtue and meditation athletic related content under the generic human capabilities and human duty to strive for perfection this divine gift in him, despite his condition limited aspects is a good opportunity to continue reflection on the nature, status or function of poetry and the poet’s means of expression. In the specific relationship between poetry and the poet feels agonistic victory triumphant anthem as a moral obligation to an athlete who inspired him to write the song and as a reward for his effort, designed to transmit the next generation memory meritorious deeds. Pindar’s Ode ended and gradually participate in the disappearance of lyric opera.

Keywords: virtue, measure, learning, poetry, athlete, odes