Acasă Articole RTR Iulia-Sanda Zârnovean, Georges Bataille și armonia contrariilor

Iulia-Sanda Zârnovean, Georges Bataille și armonia contrariilor


Georges Battaille and the Harmony of the Opposites

In Georges Bataille’s writings, encounters with horror and death are miraculously transformed into experiences of delight and exaltation. Throughout his turbulent life, he tried to push understanding to the limits by emphasizing the identity of perfect contraries such as extreme horror and divine ecstasy. Starting with some biographical data, this paper investigates precisely this marvelous agreement of antithetical states enclosed in Bataille’s novels. Finally, I argue that Blue of noon, Madame Edwarda and Story of the eye facilitate the encounter with the “sacred horror” that is capable of ultimately bringing life and death into harmony.
Keywords: limits, “sacred horror”, fusion, Leng Tch’e, death, ecstasy

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