Acasă Articole RTR Iulia Rădac, Elegiile de la „întretăierea drumurilor comerciale“

Iulia Rădac, Elegiile de la „întretăierea drumurilor comerciale“


Elegy Lane meets Trade Boulevard

The Elegies of Mariana Marin represent an important part of her poetic work. They share the same title in all the five volumes published and speak about fundamental themes of poetry of all times: the condition of the individual, love and death, all of them constantly related to poetry. The individual is seen as an isolated fragment of the universe and he is continously fighting with it. Captive in a reality that does not suit his personality, he is also betrayed by his inner world, where the feeling of alienation and imprisonment make him helplessly incapable of relating to other people. Without the accomplishment of common love and suitable relationships, the artist of the elegies has to face the dramatic process through which the poem becomes independent of his author. Each poem highlights Mariana Marin’s great sensibility and talent in describing the pain of the artist rejected by his own poem.

Keywords: Mariana Marin, contemporary romanian poetry, the literary motif of double, tragic duality, deathly obsessions

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