Acasă Articole RTR Istroromânii de azi, vlahii balcanici de odinioară

Istroromânii de azi, vlahii balcanici de odinioară


Istro-Romanians of today – the Balkanian Vlachs of the past

In the first part of the paper, the main theories regarding the origin of istroromanians are presented. Then, the author refers to the current state and tendencies of the istroromanian dialect, which is at the moment under the massive influence of the Croatian language, to the language of the predominant population and to the “asymmetric” bilingualism of the speakers of this dialect. In the final part, the author proposes some modalities (ways, measures) meant to contribute to the rescue of this idiom from disappearance, a real “living museum” of the ancient Romanian language.
Keywords: dialect, Istro-Romanian, bilinguism, vocabulary, morphosyntax


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