Acasă Articole RTR Istoriografia secolelor IX-XI privind necropolele cu vase ceramice din spațiul intracarpatic

Istoriografia secolelor IX-XI privind necropolele cu vase ceramice din spațiul intracarpatic


The historiography of 9th-11th centuries on cemeteries with pottery from intra-Carpathian area

The article reviews the historiography of archaeological sites from the 9th to 11th centuries, with an emphasis on necropolises featuring ceramic bowl offerings. These sites are those of Alba Iulia (Stația de Salvare, Dealul Șumuleu, Izvorul Împăratului, Str. Brândușei), Blandiana (La Brod), Cluj-Napoca (Str. Zapolya), Gâmbaș (Măguricea), Iernut (Biserică), Orăștie (Dealul Pemilor X2) and Sebeș. The first discoveries were made by Hungarian researchers at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century (Cluj-Napoca – Str. Zapolya, Alba Iulia – Stația de Salvare). The Romanian archaeological research highlights the necropolises of Blandiana, where K. Horedt dug, and Stația de Salvare in Alba Iulia, which was researched in several stages after 1945 (but only the results of the period 1981-1985 were largely published). After 1990, researchers of the newer generation are focusing on this type of necropolis. New dedicated studies were published and new archaeological sites were started (Orăștie, Alba Iulia – Str. Brândușei, Izvorul Împăratului).

Keywords: historiography, necropolises, 9th-11th centuries, intra-Carpathian area, pottery offering


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