Acasă Articole RTR Istoria socială implicită în cercetarea sociologică de la Drăguș

Istoria socială implicită în cercetarea sociologică de la Drăguș


The Implicit Social History in the Monographic Writings of Drăguș

The Gustian School aimed to study the society to better understand it, in order to improve it. Knowledge and social intervention go hand in hand when it comes to the monographs. In order to achieve what Gusti would call a ”militant sociology”, the interwar researchers would often employ interdisciplinary methods that range from ethnology to history or economy. This papers aims to prove that, although the Romanian monographs did not explicitly conduct their research according to the social history’s precepts, however, we can retrace many elements that are specific to the field of social history. Many monographic studies employ implicitly methods and concepts that belong to the field of social history such as the comparative method, the qualitative approach or the social microscope method, oral history interviews, everyday life studies, all used around concepts such as family, social roles, kinship etc, from an anthropological and historical perspective. Furthermore, this paper argues that the Gustian School’s production can be used as invaluable sources for a social historical approach to the Romanian interwar era.

Keywords: Gustian School, monographic research, social history, interdisciplinary research, micro-history


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