Acasă Articole RTR Iosif Moldovan, Sistemul bugetar al UE între constrângeri şi posibilităţi

Iosif Moldovan, Sistemul bugetar al UE între constrângeri şi posibilităţi


The bugetary sistem of the European Union between constraints and possibilities

A coherent budgetary process in the European Union directly influences the member states’ budget. From this perspective, the European Union’s budget is the document which authorizes the financing of the activities and Community interventions within the member states, expressing the amounts of the member states contributions and the priorities of the Community policies.

At European Union wide drafting the budget means taking some political decisions to assign financial resources. The negotiations take place primary with the member states and then with regions and different social groups from these countries. In present, over 80% from the total expenses financed from the EU budget is assigned for financing the Common Agricultural Policy and structural funds grants. The difference of 20% is assigned for functioning and administrative expenses of own institutions, innovating policies (in which EU is proposing to become global leader), humanitarian help and development expenses, research and environment.

Analysed by comparison, the EU budget is small as opposed to the member states budget (approximate 1%) but its contribution to the development may be important if the budget is treated in a unitary, balanced and coherent manner. The amount of collected income is affected by the reticence of member states to finance it more generously, by the feeling that some states finance other ones and by the complicated technical procedures.

In contrast with the big interest for European funds, Romanian Government is considered to be a minor player in the debates regarding the EU budget. As a member state of European Union, Romania is adept of the financial burden distribution principle between member states on the basis of their own economic development, namely more developed countries to contribute proportionally, more to the Union’s budget.

Keywords: European Union budget, Common Agricultural Policy, Romania, budget authority, financial burden distribution principle

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