Acasă Articole RTR Ioan Șerbu, Poezia lui Alexandru Mușina. Experimente, experiențe, epigrame

Ioan Șerbu, Poezia lui Alexandru Mușina. Experimente, experiențe, epigrame


Poetry of Alexander Musina. Experiments, experiences, epigrams

The present article is an essay and an analysis of Alexandru Muşina’s poetry, focused on his methods and his themes such as they are approached in his experimental and epigrammatic poems. Between the concepts that he used, such as experimentalism, irony, subversion, the such called trivial poetry, the author emphasizes the importance of satire, the main expression of Muşina’s critical attitude. Thus, Muşina created an intelligent, social, comic though bitter poetry, masterfully learned and practiced. The article also shows how the communist environment and the censorship were incentives for poet’s imagination and, on the other hand, how this biting game of hide and seek has become an important mark of Muşina’s poetry.
Keywords: contemporary Romanian poetry, generation 80, Alexandru Muşina, postmodernism, experimentalism, epigrammatic poetry in postmodernism

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