Acasă Articole RTR Ioan Seni, Pagini din viaţa despărţământului ASTRA Năsăud

Ioan Seni, Pagini din viaţa despărţământului ASTRA Năsăud


Pages from the life of the Năsăud ASTRA Department

The Năsăud ASTRA Department is one of the strongest departments of the ASTRA Association. The paper presents the history of this institution and the main activities carried from its founding date to the present. There are highlighted the contributions of this department to the organization of the General Assemblies of the Association in 1870, 1893, 1991, 2010. The main facts reviewed here are: the organization of annual general meetings of the department, the activities of its component circles, the publications under its patronage, the scholarships, awards and stipends for students, the collaboration with schools and universities, as well as with both local and county administrative institutions.
Keywords: Romanian history, XIXth century, Transylvania, ASTRA Association, national and cultural emancipation, Năsăud department, General Assemblies, activities for the youth.

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