Acasă Articole RTR Ioan-Cosmin Ignat, Biserica fortificată din Nou / Neudorf (jud. Sibiu). Declinul unui...

Ioan-Cosmin Ignat, Biserica fortificată din Nou / Neudorf (jud. Sibiu). Declinul unui monument


Fortified curch of Nou/Neudorf (Sibiu district). Decline of a monument

In 1967 the curches belonging to the Saxons, and not only, passed, at the request of the Cult Department, to an estate inventory proces concerning every parish. The introduction consisted of a brief history of the town and curch. Later on, they started to inventory the next: precious metal objects, objects with great history and documentary value, objects wich
have artistic and historic value, buildings and constructions owned by the parish, lands, wich are as well, owned by the parish, common goods for inventory, as well books manuscripts and historical and literature documents. The location of most objects is currently unknown, most of the things are missing, from the evanghelical parish possesions from Nou. We can only hope the their faith is one at their worth, and again, hopefully, are expose on the shelves
of a museum.
Keywords: Transylvania, Nou/Neudorf, fortified church, Saxons, inventory

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