Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Acasă Articole RTR Ioan Chindriş, Niculina Iacob, Eva Mârza, Anca Elisabeta Tatay, Otilia Urs, Bogdan...

Ioan Chindriş, Niculina Iacob, Eva Mârza, Anca Elisabeta Tatay, Otilia Urs, Bogdan Crăciun, Roxana Moldovan, Ana Maria Roman-Negoi, Cartea românească veche în Imperiul Habsburgic (1691-1830)


Old Romanian Book in the Habsburg Empire (1691-1830)

Research on Old Romanian books has a history of over one century, of one century and a half, to be more specific, in the Romanian cultural space. Old Romanian books, periodized in the Romanian space between 1508 and 1830, have so far not been the subject of research in a European context, with the exception of a few comparative surveys with the neighbouring countries. These surveys suggest the conclusion that from 1691 to 1830 (from the beginning of Habsburg rule in Transylvania to the upper conventional limits of Old Romanian literature) the evolution of culture, illustrated by the production of books, took place in a South-Eastern and Western European cultural context. Given these coordinates and referring globally to the concept of the investigation, the aim of this book is to acquire in-depth knowledge about the image, the content and the role of the Romanian books printed in the Habsburg Empire, in the Romanian language, regardless of the place of their publication, and about the books printed by Romanian authors, regardless of the language in which they were published, in the same geographical space of Transylvania, from 1691 to 1830