Acasă Articole RTR „Între mit şi bagatelizare. Despre reconsiderarea critică a trecutului; Ion Gavrilă Ogoranu...

„Între mit şi bagatelizare. Despre reconsiderarea critică a trecutului; Ion Gavrilă Ogoranu şi rezistenţa anticomunistă din România”


The book proposes a critical perspective on former Romanian armed anticomunism resistance, emphasizing the myths created around it, after the fall of comunism. The main issue approached in this work refer to the fact that only the anticomunism actions of certain persons are enough for them to be presented as heroes and models for the Romanian society ,ignoring their political commitment in the area of right-wing extermism and radicalism.

The first part of the book is structured in three chapters . The first chapter deals with the culture of mystification started in the comunsim period. It also prisents case studies of members of the Legionary Movment or former fascists of the German minority from Romania,who colaborated with the comunist political police,Securitate,after the second World War. In the second chapter ,the most important myths regarding the former armed anticomunism resistance with a right-wing extremist character are expalained . The last chapter describes the most important aspect related to the phenomenon of right-wing extremism and radicalism in Romania in post-comunism period.

The second part of the book reproduces the autobiography written by Ion gavrila Ogoranu for the Securitate , in 1976,in comparition with his memories published after 1989. In addition, it includes two other relevant documents from the archive of the National Concil for the Securitate Archives (CNSAS).

Though Ion Gavrila Ogoranu is a representative figure for the phenomenon of mystification , the book is not a monography about him. Through his public actions,his activity in a party with a legionary feature and his memoirs , Ogoranu has become a subject for the creation of legends ,myths and historical distortions , supported and promoted by some historians or publicists.

Thus, this work is an invitation to reflection and it urges towards a critical vision and careful analysis in approaching the recent past.

Keywords: right-wing extremism, legionary Movement, anticomunist resistance, myths, Ion Gavrila Ogoranu.