Acasă Articole RTR Întâmplările zilei. Aspecte ale corespondenţei lui Liviu Rebreanu

Întâmplările zilei. Aspecte ale corespondenţei lui Liviu Rebreanu


The Events of the Day.
Aspects of Liviu Rebreanu’s Correspondence

Sign of a strong artistic awareness, this aspect of Rebreanu’s life reveals an author who has taken seriously his career as a writer. The fact that the letters are part of the literary laboratory is paradoxically proved even by the deleted rows of the letters. Rebreanu not only wanted to convey feelings or attitudes, but to meet certain formal rules. In addition, many letters are designed to transcribe a journal of feelings, a double pass, inside and outside. As Rebreanu himself mentioned, some letters are the result of the need to tell and sometimes the internal monologue replaces the dialogue with the beloved. Partly confession, partly simple notation of adventures, his letters are often intermediate documents that help him go through the necessary steps in writing (or planning) his works.
Keywords: Liviu Rebreanu, jurnal, corespondenţă, univers ficţional, laborator literar

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