Acasă Articole RTR Inefabilul şi viaţa provizorie: scrisori imaginare din Dicomesia

Inefabilul şi viaţa provizorie: scrisori imaginare din Dicomesia


The Ineffable and the Provisional Life: Imaginary Letters from Dicomesia

Letters from the South-Eastern Province or A Battle with Stories represent the generating key of Bănulescu’s work, „the amniotical magma and the embryo from which the work grows”, as Monica Spiridon shows in the Monograph dedicated to the Romanian writer. Within this context, one must bring into discussion „the ineffable” and „the ineffable world”, as his prose is neither fantastic, nor mythological, nor miraculous, but ineffable, as Bănulescu himself stated. Thus, these imaginary letters describe the real South-Eastern province of Dicomesia, but with the imaginary connotations and meanings intended by the author. In such a hybrid world, life itself is provisional, and the recurrent theme of the identity becomes almost obsessive.
Keywords: contemporary Romanian literature, Ştefan Bănulescu, letters, poem-letter, imaginary letter, imaginary province

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