Acasă Articole RTR Imagini istorice ale oraşelor actualei Românii în tipografii europene (secolele XVI-XVIII)

Imagini istorice ale oraşelor actualei Românii în tipografii europene (secolele XVI-XVIII)


Historical images of nowadays romanian towns in european printing houses (16th – 18th centuries)

Urban views provide evidence about events that took place in cities: battles, sieges, revolutions, peace treaties, coronations, executions, weddings or funerals, and so on. One of the most important consequences of the invention of printing was that it made possible the multiplication of representations of such events, to be sold to contemporaries, and thus the event became widely known; can be said that those images were the equivalent of today’s newspapers.

The popularity of the city views led to the production of both cheap or sophisticated and elaborate publications, illustrated with high-quality prints.

Printed images of towns occur in the last decades of the 15th century with the first illustrated books. During the centuries, major towns were subject of a larger number of representations drawn, painted, engraved, but mostly printed.

 Representations of the current Romania towns have been made on a large variety of supports, but most of them were printed images, published originally  but which circulated as well as prints. They are to be found as illustrations inside books  printed in several European printing houses.

This paper brings together the titles of books printed in western Europe containing historical images of nowadays Romanian Towns.

Keywords: printing house, urban views, old books, historical images, prints


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