Acasă Articole RTR Imaginea monarhiei habsburgice în opera lui Petru Maior

Imaginea monarhiei habsburgice în opera lui Petru Maior


The Image of the Habsburg Monarchy in the work of Petru Maior

Petru Maior was one of the Transylvanian intellectuals, loyal to the cause of the reforming emperor. From his point of wiew, the initiatives of the Royal Court of Wien represent the beginning of a new historical period, by the improvement of the socio-economic-cultural and political condition of the Romanians in Transylvania. In full agreement with Gheorghe Şincai and Samuil Micu, Petru Maior shows in his works the consequences of the positive actions of the Royal Court of Wien on the idea of national revival under Habsburg emperors. According to Petru Maior, they appeal to the difficulties of social life, the climate of insecurity and the marginal status of the Romanian population in the politics of Transylvania.
He noticed that the policies of the Habsburg monarchy of favoring the Romanian element were a reaction to the economic and political force of Hungarian gentry. Under these circumstances, the Habsburg emperor becomes the focal point of all the promises, expectations and hopes of the Romanian public.

Keywords: Petru Maior; Habsburg emperor; Transylvania; Court of Wien; climate of insecurity.