Acasă Articole RTR Imaginea monarhiei habsburgice în opera lui Gheorghe Şincai

Imaginea monarhiei habsburgice în opera lui Gheorghe Şincai


The Image / Highlights of the Habsburg Monarchy in the work of Gheorghe Şincai

The victories won by the Austrian army, after the siege of Vienna in 1683, provided to the Habsburg Empire many opportunities for territorial expansion to the south-east of the European continent, but also the moving eastward of the Europe’s cultural border. In this context the Habsburg Empire will incorporate Transylvania into its borders. Gheorghe Şincai mentions that 1683 is a milestone in the history of Transylvania, which will feed liberating hopes into the collective Romanian memory, in a messianic sense.

It should be noted that this sensitivity favorable to the Habsburg monarchy existed mainly among the Roman elite regarding that the dynamics of the political changes is evident, instead the lower tier of the social structures remains in the traditional conservatism. This perception will change with the onset of the enlightened reformism during Maria Theresa and Joseph II, that will favor the emancipation of Romanians from the regime of the privileged nations. Gheorghe Şincai was impressed by the personality of Emperor Joseph II, who has stimulated the development of science, of schools and has encouraged the upward social mobility of the Transylvanian Romanians.

Keywords: Gheorghe Şincai; Habsburg Empire; Emperor Joseph II; Transylvania; messianic sense.


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