Acasă Articole RTR Imaginea afro-americanilor în literatură

Imaginea afro-americanilor în literatură


The Image of Afrcan-Americans in Literature

Racism is an issue that has been debated and analysed in many cultural and literary studies. Considering that this this topic is a very delicate one, we will focus on some theoretical approaches which also involve the fiction area. Many representatives of the African Americans and also white writers created many literary works in which we can find various interpretations regarding the African Americans. The main concern of the literary works and studies is to offer a different perception of the population and their culture from the darkest to a more enlightened way. The purpose of this article is to show some historical events that are connected to the racist approach and to compare two novels which deal with the African Americans and their life conditions in the `30s in the United States.

Keywords: african-americans, culture, racism, tolerance, history, Harlem Renaissance.