Acasă Articole RTR Iluzie, seducție şi autenticitate în scrierea confesivă

Iluzie, seducție şi autenticitate în scrierea confesivă


Illusion, Seduction and Authenticity in the Confessional Literature

The writing is a bipartisan critical essay that in its first part focuses on the complex theme of authenticity in confessional writings; the second part, using the hermeneutical perspective suggested in the opening, deals with the recently published diary of Ion Dur by the Cartea Romaneasca publisher The prerequisite for this enterprise is that diaristic writing, particularly the very intimate one, destined for anthumous publication, is a pretense of confession, and actually institutes a pact of verisimilarity (not of authenticity) in which sincerity becomes secondary and irrelevant. In the case of intimate-extimateanthumousdiaries, the stake of discourse, in a literary pragmatic sense, resides in the reconstruction of a partially biographical ego, delivered as a possible, seductive and thus esthetic hypostasiation of a principial and ontological ego.

Keywords: diary, intimate, extimate, confessional literature, Ion Dur, authenticity, sincerity