Acasă Articole RTR Ilie Luceac, Psaltirea Hurmuzaki. Consideraţii asupra unui manuscris controversat

Ilie Luceac, Psaltirea Hurmuzaki. Consideraţii asupra unui manuscris controversat


Hurmuzaki Psalter. Considerations over a Controversial Manuscript

The topic of our report embraces a manuscript that was elaborated approximately one hundred years prior to the chronological limit prognostication set by the program of the Conference The Old Romanian Book in the Habsburg Empire (1691-1830). The significance of the manuscript and the controversies about its authenticity offered us a chance to dispute over a manuscript of a Psalter, which was preserved and later offered to the Romanian Academy as a donation by a representative of Hurmuzaki family. That would have been Doxuţă Hurmuzaki (1845-1931), the son of Gheorghe Hurmuzaki, one of the members of the first generation of the famous Hurmuzaki brothers from Bukovina. Apart from his political activity, Doxuţă Hurmuzaki was an ardent collector of manuscripts and old publications, which had exceptional  value for the Romanian culture. The Psalter donated to the Romanian Academy is “the oldest and at the same time the most interesting monument of Romanian language and literature of the beginning of the XVIth century”.  The Hurmuzaki Psalter is an important historical document, kept in the manuscri pt storehouse of the Library of the Romanian Academy and listed under the number 3077. Those who facsimiled and edited the text of the manuscript, containing two volumes in 2005, namely the researchers Ion Gheţie and Mirela Teodorescu, sustain that, “out of 134 mechanically numbered pages, the last 9, added later, contain the typicalness of the Gospels in Slavonic.” The proper text of the Hurmuzaki Psalter was written on 125 leaves, both sides, except for leaf 125, of which only the recto side was used. The manuscript represents a Romanian version of the Psalm of David (1-150).
Keywords: Hurmuzaki, Psalter manuscript, old Romanian book, bibliology, cultural patrimony

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