Acasă Articole RTR Ilie Luceac, Prima tipografie românească din Bucovina Habsburgică (a doua jumătate a...

Ilie Luceac, Prima tipografie românească din Bucovina Habsburgică (a doua jumătate a sec. al XIX-lea)


The First Romanian Printing House in Habsburg Bucovina
(the second half of the XIX-th century)

The Romanians of Habsburg Bucovina (of the XIXth century) felt a stringent urge to have their own printing house. This matter took place back in 1848 when the Hurmuzaki brothers published the first Romanian paper entitled „Bucovina” (1848-1850) which appeared in two columns, one Romanian and the other German and had been edited by themselves. The Hurmuzaki paper had been printed at Ioan Eckhardt’s printing house, at the times, the only printing house in Czernowitz, which was fairly missing necessary letter forms to print a Romanian newspaper. The Hurmuzaki brothers had tried to publish the paper in Lviv and Vienna, though the communication means being of significant difficulties and sacrifices, they insisted Ioan Eckhardt to procure the necessary letter forms to be able to print a Romanian newspaper. An attempt to obtain a concession for a printing house was made by the abbot of Putna Monastery, Artemon Bortnic, who requested an establishment of the diocesan printing house to the diocesan consistory back in 1853. The King did not approve the request for a Romanian diocesan printing house to be founded, although three of that kind, namely Petrowski, Czopp and Kerekjarto printing houses appeared in the meantime in Cernauti. In 1882, as a result of an incentive of the worthy Metropolitan Bishop Silvestru Morariu-Andrievici it was decided to publish the church journal “Candela” which dates its first edition in July 1st, 1882 at the Wilhelm Kerekjarto’s publishing house. The latter would later sell his own printing house to the Romanians who would start printing schoolbooks and „Candela” journal. The first founder of the Romanian printing house in Bucovina, called „Archbishopric Printing House”, later to become part of the Metropolitan Residence, was the famous Romanian Metropolitan Bishop Dr. Silvestru Morariu-Andrievici. The patron Metropolitan Bishop in quality of a vice-president of the Association of Romanian Culture and Literature in
Bucovina, proved a successful literary figure, author of numerous manuals, editor and spreader of Romanian culture in Bucovina.
Keywords: archdiocesan printing house, culture, Habsburg Bucovina, typography, the Hurmuzaki brothers

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