Acasă Articole RTR Iacob Mârza, Cărţi cu lanţuri (Libri catenati)

Iacob Mârza, Cărţi cu lanţuri (Libri catenati)


Books with chains (libri catenati)

The current text is an academic lecture on medieval books provided with chains. The libri catenati must be understood not just as some dusty old books, but as persuasive evidence of a direct manifestation of the culture in medieval Transylvania on various areas of medieval European spirituality. The cultural and political availability of reading books provided with chains remain an individualized expression of a culture taking the path of modernity. One cannot exclude also medieval views and practices connected directly to the process of reading, in an era when the book addressed only to a lesser number of readers, holding a high material value. In the end, the libri catenati represent books that helped define a concept of the civilized and modern European spirit.
Keywords: medieval Europe, medieval Transylvania, medieval books, libri catenati, reading in the Middle Ages