Acasă Articole RTR Hypostases du gouffre chez Michaux, Fondane et Voronca

Hypostases du gouffre chez Michaux, Fondane et Voronca


Hypostases of the abyss at Michaux, Fondane, and Voronca

The main interest of the present study regards the manner of structuring the lyrical ego within the core of the poem as a momentary occurrence, being thus directly related to the structuring of the poetic image. At Henri Michaux, for example, by examining the dramatic drug-related experiences one may discover an experimenter on his very own ego, and the images that define these experiments are structurally related to the increase of a particular feeling or repetition of a movement that renders a peculiar feeling more precise. At Ilarie Voronca and Benjamin Fondane, on the other hand, the lyrical ego is not defined in relation with the personal ego, but rather in connection with society or history and their oscillations.
Keywords: grammatology, linguistics, logocentrism, speech, writing


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