Acasă Articole RTR Gustav Gündisch – file de corespondenţă clujeană

Gustav Gündisch – file de corespondenţă clujeană


Gustav Gündisch – Pages of Cluj Correspondence

The present study is grounded on unpublished materials discovered in the Sibiu archives, namely on the correspondence received by the Sibiu historian Gustav Gündisch from his Cluj homologues. The topics approached in the letters usually regard matters of national history clarifications and elucidations, but they also touch from time to time private subjects of the lives of their recipient.The correspondents of Gündisch are prominent representatives of the Cluj history school between the 4th and the 8th decades of the previous century: Ioachim Moga, Constantin Daicoviciu, Mihail Dan, Ioan Lupaş, Mihail Macrea, Ioan Moga, Francisc Pall, Ştefan Pascu, David Prodan.

Keywords: modern and contemporary Romanian history, Gustav Gündisch, correspondence, the Cluj school of history