Acasă Articole RTR Geografia romanului românesc (1933-1947): străinătatea

Geografia romanului românesc (1933-1947): străinătatea


The Geography of the Romanian Novel (1933-1947): Spaces from Abroad

Abstract: This article analyzes the ways in which the Romanian novel published between 1933-1947 represents foreign cities, towns, peripheries, and villages in the fictional worlds. It asserts the democratization of the narrative universe through the planetary perspective of the novels and discusses the birth of the Global South imagery. The search was conducted on a corpus of 700 novels in the MDRR archive. The data is disposed through quantifying recurrences (the number of novels in which a city appears) and occurrences (the number of times a city appears) of foreign cities. This article deals with representations of Europe and the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia in the 1933-1947 Romanian novel. It separates three main categories (main cities, consolidation cities, and secondary cities) and shows the planetary distribution of space within the Romanian novel.

Keywords: Literary geography, Romanian literature, urban literature, rural sites, planetarity.

Citation suggestion: Baghiu, Ștefan, Andrei Terian, Vlad Pojoga, Snejana Ung, Bianca Crăciun, and Ovio Olaru. Geografia romanului românesc (1933-1947): străinătatea”. Transilvania, no. 9 (2021): 1-9.