Acasă Articole RTR Gabriella Olasz, Ansamblul bisericii evanghelice fortificate din Ighişu Nou – istoric și...

Gabriella Olasz, Ansamblul bisericii evanghelice fortificate din Ighişu Nou – istoric și cercetare


Lutheran Fortified Church of Ighişu Nou. Historical Research

The article aims to present the history and architectural characteristics of the fortified church from Ighişul Nou, one of the most important churches of the Transylvanian Saxons. Firstly there are some references to the history and to the progress of the researches that have taken place until this moment. After a general presentation of the important parts (church, enclosure wall of the church, outbuildings), there are listed and briefly described the important values found here as the stone architectural details, furniture etc. An important place among these represents recent discovered medieval mural paintings, dating from 14th-15th century, which will be soon restored and valorized. Finally, there is a review of the further development of the church, recent repairs, including the last major rehabilitation from 2012-2013, realized with European funds within the large project that included 18 fortified churches – “Fortified rediscovered Treasures”.
Keywords: Transylvanian Saxon fortified church, Late Gothic Style, fortified choir, enclosure wall, medieval mural paintings, Ighişul Nou village.

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