Acasă Articole RTR Gabriela-Cătălina Dobrescu, „Jurnal politic 1939 – 1950”

Gabriela-Cătălina Dobrescu, „Jurnal politic 1939 – 1950”


“Political Journal 1939-1950”

The „Political Journal 1939-1950” of the diplomat Dimitrie Iuraşcu brings to the readers daily moments of Romania through the Carlist, Legionnaire, Antonescu, and communist dictatorships. We noted in this review the attitude of Dimitrie Iuraşcu on Carol II, the reports of the coming to power of Ion Antonescu and the formation of the legionary government, the reaction to the legionary rebellion in 1941, to Antonescu’s loss of power in 1944, to the installment of the Petru Groza regime in 1945, to the abdication of King Mihai on 30 December 1947. The entire political journal of the diplomat Dimitrie Iuraşcu comments these important events, putting them quite ofthen in a geopolitical and geostrategic perspective. We have particularly researched notes and entries regarding the Gusti School. We have channeled our attention to the work of interwar intellectuals in fields such as art, literature, sociology, history, etc. – most of them being connected, in one way or another, with the sociological school coagulated around Dimitrie Gust.

Keywords: modern Romanian history, interwar social history, Dimitrie Iurașcu, political diary, Gusti School