Acasă Articole RTR Gabriel Nedelea, Două modele de lectură

Gabriel Nedelea, Două modele de lectură


Two models of reading

In Eugen Negrici literary criticism there are two stages of re-examine modernity: one from inside – using structuralist methodology, carried in the books Figura spiritului creator and Sistematica poeziei; one from outside that is a critical process of criticism and history of mentality that has the purpose of debunking modernity reflected in the collective mind by fixing a illusory canon. This step is covered in Iluziile literaturii române. These two directions are complementary. Reading just Iluziile literaturii române it rises- as we see from the viewpoint of the American theorist J. Hillis Miller – that ethical problems of reading, which is why the modernity reconfiguration using criteria of H. Friedrich requires two types of reading. We used the two phrases, “reading from the inside” and “outside reading”, not to mark an evolution or involution within the work, but to demarcate the two types of complementary reporting in the action of crystallization and clarification of the “other modernity” the second wave of the surreal and neomodernism of seven eight decades.
Keywords: Eugen Negrici, stages of re-examine modernity, structuralist methodology, critical process of criticism,
history of mentality

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