Acasă Articole RTR Gabriel Grosu, Peter Kopecký, Criza refugiaților sirieni sau reorganizarea priorităților securității Europei?

Gabriel Grosu, Peter Kopecký, Criza refugiaților sirieni sau reorganizarea priorităților securității Europei?


The Crisis of the Syrian Refugees or the Re-Organization of Europe’s Security?

Since the fall of Rome until today, Europe is probably on the brink of the largest crisis concerning the migration of peoples. Although significant geopolitical changes are recorded in the whole world, yet no region does pass through ethno-cultural mutations as deep as those recorded in Europe. The European Union, as the main democratic and liberal architecture of the continent, was not and is not ready to face this phenomenon; what puts it at risk is the fact that the EU can not ensure itself against civilization risks and is not able to cover alone the needs related to everyday security. This article examines these issues and their impact on public order, national security or human capital development in Europe.

Keywords: Syria, refugees crisis, causes, impact, EU security in question

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