Acasă Articole RTR Funcționalitatea paradigmelor textual – emoționale în învățământul digital

Funcționalitatea paradigmelor textual – emoționale în învățământul digital


The Function of the Textual – Emotional Paradigms in eLearning

This project initiates the search and identification of the data collection and processing instruments with the highest degree of transparency and objectivity. In this process, the ‘Moodle’ educational platform is accountable as the main data collection instrument. In terms of research methods, the focus will be on observations of the occurrence, co-occurrence, recurrence and of the congruence between the raw and the reported emotional feedback. The main stated objective of the present study is therefore, the calibration of educational programs through ‘emoji,’ which is regarded as the student’s main emotional feedback vehicle about the quality of the educational process. The four types of measurements account to four pillar elements which can become paradigmatically interchangeable. Pivotal therefore are, synchronicity, asynchronicity, the interactional and the transactional exchanges. The design envisions the harvesting of two distinct data sets addressing the same target group, with the first group bearing a test function, while the second group having a control function.

Keywords: CMC, elearning course design, augmented text, emoji, emotional feedback, virtual classroom calibration, sentiment analysis, digital persona perception, student satisfaction