Acasă Articole RTR Frumosul românesc

Frumosul românesc


The Romanian Beauty

In a secular world, in which beauty has become rather one of the preferred products of the consumer society, this study aims to highlight the authentic Romanian beauty, primarily the Romanian traditional art, as testimony of a profound world filled with aspirations, endeavours, joys and pains, inclined towards everlasting beauty.
The Romanian Kalokagathia means „decency” or „wisdom”, similar to beauty expressed in words and deeds. Man and the universe are kalokagathonic entities. Beauty co-exists in a hypostatic union with the good; beauty equals love, and the Beauty in the Christmas carols is Christ, the One that the Romanian people should not betray, but should continue to obey with „decency”. The morally ugly, the chaotic, the monstrous are not capable to gladden and to enrich the interior life of the human.

Keywords: the Romanian beauty, kalokagathia, ethical/aesthetical, decency, love, ugly, traditional Romanian art, Christocentric ethos