Acasă Articole RTR Frithjof Schuon și înțelegerea islamului

Frithjof Schuon și înțelegerea islamului


Frithjof Schuon and the effort of understanding Islam

Understanding Islam is nowadays a very difficult task. Unduly associated with terrorism, violence and intolerance, Islam is hard to understand by a secular European society. However, Islam remains a genuine belief, a religion offering its own path for complete liberty and eternal life. Redemption, divine knowledge and eternal living are no longer issues for Westerners, that is why Islam is hard to comprehend. The article offers a brief insight on the pillars of Islam, focusing on the importance played by doctrine, the daily practice, the Quran and the Prophet himself, as the best image of Man and the guide of mankind. Although brief, the insight could be enough to make understand that Islam is one of the ways of attending the perfection of our earthly living and one specific way of getting the divine knowledge and the inner freedom.

Keywords: Islam, religion, civilization, spirituality.

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