Acasă Articole RTR Filosofia ca discursivitate

Filosofia ca discursivitate


Philosophy as Discoursiveness

The philosophical discourse sets into motion, in a manifested or concealed way, the intention to organize not facts, but significances that engage an experience. In essence it is about a one-time containment of a relative decision on reality, resulting from putting in perspective of a fact, inside a provisionary or finite totality, illusional or authentic, but lived as such by a conscience.
In order to assess the status of philosophical practices, we must take into consideration their objectivable dimensions, looking for the traces of operations that assure their construction in the order of discourse. By its calling, philosophy tends to master over and to explain the conditions of its own representation. It rejects therefore any attempt that, from a position exterior to itself, might claim the objectivation of its rules of installment and functioning.

Keywords: discourse, philosophy, knowledge, representation, meaning, reality, truth, time, text, enunciation, concept.