Acasă Articole RTR Figura boemei la Pierre Bourdieu: câmpul literar modern

Figura boemei la Pierre Bourdieu: câmpul literar modern


The Bohemian Figure in Pierre Bourdieu’s Work: the Modern Literary Field

This article tries to expose the way in which Pierre Bourdieu’s view on 19th century bohemian literature can serve as an argument for analyzing literature as an autonomous field. His concepts of autonomy, field and bohemia well describe the artistic scene at the beginnings of modernity and explain the way in which art has gained its capability to serve its own porpoise by swerving away from dominant institutions (political and economical). For Pierre Bourdieu, the autonomy of the literary field can be seen, from a marxist, sociological and also poststructuralist point of view, as the key moment in the development of modernism as fight against bourgeoisie and aristocracy. But also, this article debates the thesis of Peter Burger or Norbert Elias in order to understand the constant return of the alternative in the midst of the bourgeoisie.

His studies framed in „The Rules of Art. Genesis and Structure of the Literary Field” can be compared to the ones of Nathalie Heinich or Judith Halasz in order to understand the effects and the underground work of the alternative in art in general.

Keywords: Pierre Bourdieu, bohemia, autonomy, literary field, literary salons, bourgeosy, literary institutions


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