Acasă Articole RTR Ficțiunea care se țese. O analiză a romanului Baltagul de Mihail Sadoveanu

Ficțiunea care se țese. O analiză a romanului Baltagul de Mihail Sadoveanu


The Fiction that is Weaving. An analysis of Mihail Sadoveanu`s novel Baltagul

If in general critics consider Mihail Sadoveanu to be a creator of fictional worlds and the novel Baltagul, the novel that we will analyse, is considered to be representative for the author`s option for tradition, we intend to explore it in a new reading. In the above mentioned novel, Sadoveanu appears to be a writer that meditates on the power of fiction and the power of the word. That, we believe, is the theme of the novel. A detective story, Sadoveanu`s narrative is a discourse on power that uses the word as its instrument. Baltagul is not a novel about a world, but (and thus foremost) about language. This power is found in the force of the world generating the word. Through the importance that is attributed to the action, the story, the plot, the work may be considered a reply to the dominant literary discourse of the period: psychological prose. For those purposes he make a surprising move: placing in the center of attention powerful woman that undermines as well as institutes an order. This order has its roots in the power to imagine and to communicate. In this manner, Sadoveanu appears to us as a very modern writer and, furthermore, what seems to be new in this piece of writing is in fact very old.

Keywords: power, plot, novel, detective fiction, patriarchal culture.


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