Acasă Articole RTR Femeia în Gulagul sovietic. Modalităţi de supravieţuire

Femeia în Gulagul sovietic. Modalităţi de supravieţuire


Women in the Soviet Gulag. The ways of survival

The topic that we approach in this study shows the way in which the woman reported to Soviet Gulag prisoners, but also to the camps staff, by sexual point of view in order to get some facilities, such as an easier work, an easier detention, or better food, etc. The interpretation we offer in this scientific analysis is intended as a brief radiography of some sequences related to the intimate life of female prisoners and the harmful role of the Soviet prison system in the dehumanization and humiliation to which the women were exposed.In any case, the Gulag exhibits a full panorama of issues still unexplored in depth: from sexual violence, to lesbianism, homosexuality, or pregnancy and birth in the unfavourable camps to a normal life.

Keywords: woman, Soviet Gulag, sex, love and survival strategies, dehumanization, humiliation.


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