Acasă Articole RTR Experimentare și ameliorare în lucrările lui John Evelyn

Experimentare și ameliorare în lucrările lui John Evelyn


Experimentation and amelioration in the works of John Evelyn

In this paper I will argue that we can trace an undulating line between the Hartlib Circle and the Royal Society based on the interest for husbandry, experimentation, and amelioration. If in the years preceding the 1660s husbandry focused more on technological projects of amelioration of the fallen nature (soil, plants, human beings as well), starting with the beginning of the Royal Society, the accent moved from spiritual salvation to experimental purposes. This shift of attention is present in John Evelyn’s approach of the topic. In the late 1650s, Evelyn’s vision on husbandry entailed the moral dimension of religious salvation, while in the 1660s, he minimized his interest for religious purposes and turned his attention to experiments and “scientific” aspiration.

Keywords: husbandry, experimentation, amelioration, John Evelyn, the Hartlib Circle

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