Acasă Articole RTR Experiența berlineză a lui Eminescu, din perspectiva unui „martor ocular”

Experiența berlineză a lui Eminescu, din perspectiva unui „martor ocular”


Mihai Eminescu’s experience in Berlin, from the perspective of an “eyewitness”

“…Likewise, if I close one eye, I see my hand smaller than with both eyes. If I had three eyes, I would see it larger, and the more eyes I had, the larger everything around me would seem.”– that is how Eminescu`s novel Wretched Dionis – in Berlin finished – begins. Reiterating Dionis`s speculative exercise, we shall raise the question: Which would be the benefits of having access to a “third eye”, to an additional perspective of a hitherto neglected eyewitness to one obscure biographical episode of the poet – like the Berlin studies stage – and which would be the consequences of this new outlook? Such a new path is opened, we believe, by the testimony of the German writer and biographer Mite Kremnitz. The purpose of the present study is to highlight the historical biography issues and challenges and to make a contribution to the “Eminescu studies”, by offering a new perspective on this specific biographical episode. Our approach is legitimated by a set of circumstances, which authorizes Mite Kremnitz as one of the privileged witnesses to this episode, to which she has access from a triple position: as a direct witness to the Berlin realities, as a novelist who claims the right to rewrite the whole episode and finally, as the archivist of the Royal House, faced with the historical documents, some of which were probably written by Eminescu himself.

Keywords: Mihai Eminescu, Mite Kremnitz, Berlin studies, the Romanian Royal House, historical biography’s issues and challenges