Acasă Articole RTR Eugenism și ontologie etnică

Eugenism și ontologie etnică


Eugenics and Ethnic Ontology

Historical phenomena related to eugenics, race, building an ideal state based on a racial monotone were sources of research, especially in recent decades, and in Romania for a very short time. Marius Turda book’s presents with scientific accuracy, a view of European eugenics, in which Romania has also an important role. The use of the various documents, a part of them unpublished, proves useful for building a unified impressions about the eugenics theories and associations from 1870 to1950. The book analyzes the transfer of scientific instruments in the definition of cultural landmarks and the creation of an ethnic ontology. The completeness depends on the comparative method applied, which give birth to a dense text with information designed to exhaust and clarify this scientific approach.

Keywords: European eugenics, race, Marius Turda, Romania, ethnic ontology

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