Acasă Articole RTR Erotismul thanatic în Cronică de familie, de Petru Dumitriu

Erotismul thanatic în Cronică de familie, de Petru Dumitriu


Morbid Eroticism in „Cronica de familie” by Petru Dumitriu

The Communist Romanian novel was not laborious in terms of eroticism. However, it illustrated the morbid part of love, reintegrating into Romanian prose the mysticism of the Eros from the philosophy of Bataille and Marquis of Sade. Cronica de familie by Petru Dumitriu is not a love novel in the traditional sense. It is a novel of fierce passions and dissoluteness that characterized the degraded boyar class. Published in 1956, the novel criminalizes, in Communist logic, the insensibility of the old Romanian boyars and the decadence of the bourgeoisie. The characters push the feelings to extremes so that Eros makes a common body with death. Davide’s unshared love for Vogoride urges the woman to kill her lover with cold blood. The novel illustrates the demonic forms alienated love can take.

Keywords: modern Romanian literature, Petru Dumitriu, eroticism, thanatos, excess, violence, transgression.