Acasă Articole RTR Episcopia Romano-Catolică din Alba Iulia Jubileu (aproximativ) milenar

Episcopia Romano-Catolică din Alba Iulia Jubileu (aproximativ) milenar


The Roman-Catholic cathedral from Alba Iulia – The Millennium Jubilee of the Catholic Episcopacy of Transylvania

Celebrating the millennium jubilee of the Catholic Episcopacy of Transylvania, dr. Daniela Marcu Istate and her team published an archaeological monography and a catalog of an exibition in The National Museum of Alba Iulia.
The monography published both in hungarian and roumanian brings together the arcaeological informations from the excavations. Only a little surface of the innerside of the medieval (and also, roman) precinct was uncovered but the results were remarcable: vestiges(structures of the brick walls, wooden structures, tombs, ovens) from Roman Age untill the 18-th century and many artefacts from metal(even silver golded), ceramics, glasses. The new archaeological informations put in a new light the previous. Alba Iulia is one of the rechest archgaeological sites from Transylvania. The archaeological traces dated from the two mileniums of the christianism were found there. Before the Hungarians rulers, the native population have settled the region. In fact, in spite of permanet rides of the migrators, the place was almost permanetly lived. Both in roman s and medieval times, Alba Iulia was one of the most important economic and cultural center of Transilvania and The Roman –Catholic Episcopacy is the oldiest institution in Romania.
Keywords: exhibition, palace, medieval, archaeology,cathedral, palace


Daniela Marcu Istrate, Catedrala romano-catolică şi
palatul episcopal din Alba –Iulia./The Romano-Catholic
Cathedral and episcopal palace from Alba Iulia. Arheologie-
Istorie, in, accesat în 4 iulie 2009.
A. A. Rusu, Sfânta Margareta de la Alba Iulia (una din
cele mai reuşite piese de orfevrărie liturgică din goticul
târziu/The Saint Margreth from Alba Iulia (one of the most
well done lithurgical masterpiece from the Late Gothic in
Transilvania). în, accesat in 4 iulie
A. A. Rusu, Episcopia catolică a Transilvaniei (scurtă
sinteză)/The Catholic Episcopacy of Transylvania (short
story), în, accesat în 4 iulie 2009.