Acasă Articole RTR Emotions of love in Slovak and Romanian idioms

Emotions of love in Slovak and Romanian idioms


Emotions of love in Slovak and Romanian idioms

The empirical core of this study is represented by an analysis of distinctive features of the language view of the world that is typical in Slovak language and partially modified mainly by cultural-historical encounter of Slovaks and their language in the Great Hungarian Plain, specifically in Romanian environment. The analysis leading to the comparison of language and idiomatic material is specific by accepting bilingualism of Slovaks living in Romania. In other words – the analyses are aimed at uncovering the common and the specific in expressing emotions, namely the emotions of love and hatred in Slovak and Romanian idioms. Idioms have maintained socio-historical circumstances, through which people denoted and assessed those aspects that were, based on their preferences, considered crucial or relevant under the given circumstances. The idiomatic richness of a national language is captured through the view mediated via language, in which perception of the outer world by the given ethnicity are reflected. It is a specific, but undoubted witness of traditional life; it is a reflection of historical facts and culture.

Keywords:idioms, emotions, Slovaks in Romania, Romanian language.

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