Acasă Articole RTR Emilian Corneanu, Ornamentica „Triodionului“ de la Buzău

Emilian Corneanu, Ornamentica „Triodionului“ de la Buzău


The Ornamentation of the Buzău „Triodion” (1700)

In 1700 Mitrofan, the Bishop of Buzău, printed the first partially Romanian Triode book. In the romanian printing tradition, the Triode is usually a richly decorated book comprising church songs and sacred chants of the pre-Easter season. The analyzed book is particularly lavishly decorated with masterly cut engravings, frontispieces, initials, vignettes and typographic ornaments. The article presents each group of decorative elements, details their peculiarities and compares them with ornaments in other Triode books from earlier or later periods. This religious book was published in several editions in all romanian printing centres during the 18th century and the article states that the 1700 Triode may have served as their initial model of decoration.
Keywords: 17th century, Buzău printing press, Triode, decoration, book illustration

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