Acasă Articole RTR Elena Tîrziman, Valorificarea patrimoniului documentar al Bibliotecii Naţionale a României prin proiecte...

Elena Tîrziman, Valorificarea patrimoniului documentar al Bibliotecii Naţionale a României prin proiecte internaţionale


Valorisation of the Romanian National Library written cultural heritage through international projects

National Library of Romania is involved in various international projects aiming to create valuable digital contentrelevant to the European cultural memory.Since 2007, the library is connected in the following projects: TEL plus– set out to strengthen, extend and improveThe European Library service by adding digital cultural and scientific/scholarly content and improving access to it, also tosustain Romanian and Bulgarian national libraries (two of the newest Member States) make their content available throughThe European Library and became full members of The European Library; ENRICH– European Networking Resources andInformation concerning Cultural Heritage/ Manuscriptorium– project aimed to enhance access to digital image of old documentsfrom different European cultural institutions and to build and deploy virtual research environment for the study ofmanuscripts, rare and old printed books; REDISCOVER– Reunion of Dispersed Content: Virtual Evaluation and Reconstruction– the main purpose of the project is to gather, virtually reconstruct and make accessible of medieval and renaissancecollection dispersed during the late Middle Ages and early modern period, especially in period of Thirty year’s war. Theproject activities take into account: selection according to a series of criteria, digitisation and integration of materials in adigital library performed on platform.National Library of Romania will further run two other international projects based on digitisation activities: Balkan Routes.Online digital collections– a project purposing to digitally available a French documentary corpus of rare and precious books fromBalkan libraries; VERMANEL – Vernacular Manuscripts în European Libraries– a project with the aim to digitize and describemedieval German manuscripts of middle and eastern European provenance, that can be found in “Europeana” portal.Keywords: The National Library of Romania, digital library, projects