Acasă Articole RTR Egalul marilor Mitteleuropeni

Egalul marilor Mitteleuropeni


Sorin Titel. The Compeer of the Great Mitteleuropeans 

The present article is focused on the last novel of Sorin Titel, Woman, Behold Thy Son. Quite positively received in Romanian literary press of the time, the novel represented both a culmination of Titel’s work and a breach with his previous narrative. Highly intertextual, with techniques and motifs taken from or referring to Thomas Mann, William Faulkner, Cortázar, the Arabian Nights, etc., this novel of Titel’s abandons the previous formula (contiguous with that of the French nouveau roman) and inaugurates a new direction in his prose (isomorphical with that of the Mitteleuropean prose writers); unfortunately, his untimely death did not allow him to continue it and to give it a massive consistency. Nevertheless, Woman, Behold Thy Son remains one of the major masterpieces in the Romanian literature of the 1980s.

Keywords: contemporary Romanian literature, Romanian prose of the 1980s, Sorin Titel, nouveau roman, intertextuality, Mitteleuropean prose